Meet The Author

Qamaer Hassan

Brooklyn, NY

     Salam! My name is Qamaer Hassan and I am the creator of Raihanna. 

The Raihanna series is inspired by the experiences I went through as a Muslim child growing up in America. Going to a public school, I didnt really have much pride in my religion. I kept to myself about it and only spoke of it when I absolutely had to. I was always jealous of my classmates who celebrated Christmas. I mean how can you not be at that age? Christmas was everywhere! It was in the cartoon shows that I watched, the books that I read, and even in my classroom. My teacher would throw this Christmas party every single year. There were Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING. If you went to a public school you probably know exactly what Im talking about. Even all the characters that I loved and looked up to celebrated it. It was such a struggle for me to be proud of who I was when there was nothing I can relate to as a Muslim child. It destroyed my confidence as a person and I dont want any Muslim child to go through the same struggle I went through.

      I created this series to give children a Muslim character they can read about, identify with and look up to, to prepare them for struggles they may face concerning their religion, and equip them with the knowledge they need to answer the questions they may have about Islam. These stories will teach them about the beauty of Islam, allow them to be confident in their religion, and make them proud to be a Muslim regardless of any Christmas party Miss Sheer decided to throw. This series is not subjected only to one group of people, Its opened to all little readers. Its  very important that children of different beliefs and backgrounds read the Raihanna series and open their minds to the world around them.