11 Ways to Prepare the Kiddos for Ramadan

April 21, 2017

With Ramadan around the corner we're always looking for ways to prep the kids for Ramadan, here's a few ideas I think would help make Ramadan extra special for them this year! Enjoy!


1. Good deeds

Doing good deeds is an essential part in being a Muslim. Talking to your kids about doing good deeds and noticing when they do will help them form a habit of doing so. Teach them about all the kinds of good deeds they can do and what the importance of doing them are. Maybe you can do a friendly competition and see who does the most good deeds by the end of the day, and the winner can be rewarded with a gold star or sweets! Another option can be volunteering at your local soup kitchen as a family.



2. Quran

Get your kids used to reading Quran! Every night before bed read a few surah’s or ayah’s together and have a small talk about its meaning.



3. Ramadan activities

Find fun Ramadan related arts & crafts to do with them! Create paper lanterns, make unique blessing jars or download our Printable Ramadan activities! These fun activities will for sure get kids excited for the month to come!


4. Decorating

Ah what can get you more excited for Ramadan then decorating! Make it a tradition to decorate together as a family. Go all out and brighten your home, it’s the little things that make this holiday special for kids.


​5.  Books

Great Ramadan books like “Raihanna’s First Time Fasting” ;) make a great way to prepare for Ramadan. 




​6. Skit

Put on a show! Do Ramadan related skits together as a family! Kids love to role play so they would really enjoy this one. Act out the first day of Ramadan or a story back in the companions day. This would be a fun way to prepare for Ramadan and definitely a great chance to show off those acting skills ;)



7. Blessing Jars

A very important aspect of Ramadan is being thankful to Allah for all that he has blessed us with. In one of my book readings I did an activity where I had the kids decorate mason jars with glitter in any style they wanted and in this jar they would place a note of what their blessed for each day in Ramadan. I enjoyed this activity myself! As humans we always look at what we don’t have and overlook the amazing things we do have like family, friends and food on our table.




8. Salah

Encourage your kid to pray with you. Have them pray with you at least one prayer a day so in Ramadan they'll be in a habit of doing so.



9. Cookies!

Cookies make everyone happy! Make cute Ramadan decorated cookies with them, this is a fun activity to do as a family. You can let them share these cookies with their classmates, friends or next door neighbor. You can order these cookie cutters from Amazon and get the inspiration from Sugar & Garlic blog page. Yummy!


 10. Fasting

Kids often want to fast as they see their parents and everyone else do. This year, let them fast for a couple of hours or as much as they can do. Prepare a special "Iftar" for them when they break their fast with a couple of their favorite foods.


11.  Dua

Talk to your kids about the importance of dua. Tell them Allah is always listening and you can ask him for anything, whether its asking to help the poor, or wanting a new toy..that always get them interested.


Most important part is making it fun and at their level!

Hope you all have a wonderful Ramadan! 





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